hot melt gluing machine

double-sided gluing machine paper is my latest development of the material over glue equipment, this section has a collect smoke  function. It can make double-sided adhesive treatment on foaming PVC, white card, gray card and photo. After processing, it can make ultra-thin photo album (including photo to photo), cardboard album and PVC photo album. After double-sided plastic material, can be stored for a long time.



Max. Gluing width (mm)


Max. Gluing thickness (mm)


Gluing speed (square meter)


Weight (kg)


Deminsion (mm)


Power (KW)


Advantages Low cost, save time, even plastic, smooth, non-foaming, easy to repair, fast. The glue speed can be adjusted automatically. With stable performance, sensitive transmission, low noise, high production efficiency, low labor intensity advantages. Finished the album, inside the flat, beautiful and generous.

1. Machine structure is compact, manufacturing precision, the whole machine with stainless steel, corrosion-resistant.

2. A thin and uniform plastic, high production efficiency, with the amount of plastic province, low labor intensity.

3. Adjustable speed, reducer drive, no noise.

4. Blade with spring structure, largely solved due to blade wear caused by jams phenomenon, while protecting the roller is not scratched by the blade and ensure the service life.


5. Apply to the thickness of 0.5mm above the footwear, leather goods, stationery, luggage, sports equipment, cardboard boxes and other types of plane glue on the paste

6. Soft stick can be up and down activities and pressure adjustment for rugged, soft, hard, before the low after the high material can be glue.

7. Glue tank can be adjusted with the characteristics of hot-melt adhesive temperature, can effectively prevent the hot melt carbonation

8. Easy to operate, beautiful appearance, uniform glue.

9. This machine adopts speed control, glue speed can be adjusted according to need.