Wood Laminate Machine GS2480




Exterior size


Working plate size

2550mm×1150/1300 mm(inner size)

Maximum plate thickness


Rating working pressure

Nagative press ≥-0.095Mpa

General Power


Actual power consumption

about 6 kw


1.7 T

Top temperature


Works power


◆ This machine travel is operated manually. The working plate is movable, the heating cabinet is fixed.

◆Infrared heating system and high quality heat preservation material.

◆The vacuum is measured with vacuum meter automatically. The temperature is controlled by computer chips so that the heating speed is adjustable and the temperature can be perfectly managed.

◆This machine uses “ZD” vacuum pump which adopts Germany technology and features low noise, freedom from pollution and  long-time service.

◆Green environmental protection and low power consumption.

◆ Double removable work tables, full-automatically, work efficiently.

◆ The work table surfaces are made of high strength steel plate which is not easy to be deformed in high temperature environment.

◆ Aluminum plate is used to reheating. There is auxiliary heater on the inner wall of the heating box.

◆ Laminating, temperature setting &controlling and pressure automatically.

◆The pump with German technology is small in size and powerful and quiet.