Square Metal Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

Square Metal Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

Round pipe diameter


Square tube


Cutting length

6m 9m 12m

Cutting Model

Plasma and flame (Oxy-fuel)

Programming software

Creve library,Tekla,AutoCAD

Driving system

Japan Panasonicn servo motor

Cutting speed


Travelling speed


The axial swing Angle of the cutting torch

α =±60°

The radial swing angle of cutting torch


Cutting length accuracy


Oblique crossing angle


Angle error


Bevel angle

Plasma cutting ≤±45° flame cutting ≤±60°

Standard for executing of cutting precision

ISO9013-2001 ISO8206-1991 and JB/T10045.4-1999JB

1.Professional pipe optimization CNC system.

2.With preheating function(optional)

3.Support Auto CAD version of engineering center line model design.

4.Support Tekla 3D modeling.

5.Support pipe piece separation/ pipe fitting optimization /node expansion/ left and right displacement etc.

6.Good human- computer interaction, the English interface is simple, the equipment structure is advanced and reliable , suitable for long-term continuous processing, the operation controller is stable and reliable.