Round Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

Round Metal Pipe Cutting Machine


GS Round pipe cutting robot

Cutting range

6,9,12mlength can be customized

Machine size


Cutting method

Flame / plasma

Cutting thickness

Flame:6-60mm  Plasma cutting: According to the selected plasma power

Flame cutting speed


Control system

Advantech industrial computer

Plasma cutting speed

According to the selected plasma power

Driving method



KASRY PIPE apply software

Working condition

Working pressure of compressed gas

Above 7mpa

Required gas flow of plasma


Working environment

Ventilation, no concussion

Types of gas

Acetylene Propane

1.According to the cutting process to select the product model does not require beveling wall can be used three- axis pipe cutting equipment, for steel structure industry, when ending bevel is required, no need of beveling during holing on main pipe, 4 axis cutting machine is suitable , pipeline pressure vessel industry manifolds main pipe beveling needs using five-axis cutting machines, large diameter roundness bad need to install detection device, using a six-axis cutting equipment.

2.Generally , the pipe wall thickness less than 4mm,it not recommend beveling , because beveling effect is not obviously ,and the cost is high .

3.The effective cutting length is generally based on the length of the pipe procurement of raw materials to select models.

Adopt welding platform, heavy rail and improve the overall bearing weight, humane design human-computer exchange more convenient and reasonable, stable operation and increased life expectancy.

Independent research and development to optimize CNC pipe systems, AutoCAD version of the engineering design can generate standard G code directly, three-dimensional simulation of the operation, node expansion, long split pipe, fittings optimization, oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility and lifetime free upgrade process can be modified according to user needs.

Taiwan's Advantech industrial computer can be programmed directly on the machine. Using menu-select input cutting parameters such as diameter, wall thickness, bevel angle deviation compensation data. By KASRY professional pipe cutting applications for a seamless connection.

Can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials.

Widely used in pressure vessel pipes, pipe processing, network structure, steel, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.