Gantry CNC cutting machine

gantry cnc cutting machine.flame cutting machine,plasma cutting cnc machine


GS-PL Gantry CNC cutting machine

Plate width cutting scope

3m-8m Can be customized

Equipment Size

According to customer needs matching

Cutting Method


Cutting Thickness


Plasma cuttingAccording to the selected plasma power

Flame Cutting Speed


Ignition Mode

Automatic Ignition

Plasma cutting speed

According to the selected plasma power

Plasma torch anti-collision protection system


Driving method

Stepper or servo



Working condition

Working pressure of compressed gas

Above 7Mpa

Gas Flow


Working Environment

Ventilation, no concussion


5KW(not include plasma Power)

Gas Type

Acetylene Propane

1.Effective cutting and practical model calculation:X-axis span -350mm- machine torch 300mm / Machine Y axis -2000mm.

2.According to the plate thickness and materials to select cutting mode,The following non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel and aluminum should be used plasma cutting.

3.Common cutting thickness and maximum cutting thickness should be marked, so you can recommend to you the most cost-effective model.

4.The steel industry customers can choose straight cutting torch as customer’s details requirements .

Light machine: beams use rectangular tube structure, beautiful appearance, small inertia, good rigidity, smooth operation.

Heavy machine: hollow steel welding technology, good rigidity and long life, good heat dissipation.

Time processing using high-precision gantry milling good rack and rail surface, improve cutting accuracy and lifespan of using.