650 velvet IR coating machine

GS-IR650 Korean velvet water-based Laminating Machine is a currently the most advanced Lin Mo, it has a high stability, uniformity, and speed characteristics. It is the best choice for prints and photos.



Max. laminating width (mm)


Max. laminating speed (m2/hr)


Max. laminating thickness(mm)


Max. coating thickness (mm)


Drying way

Infrared - curable

Power rating(KW)


Machine noise(db)



standard wooden case

Power supply



Soft matt

1. Speed control with the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the operation is simple and convenient.

2. Coating thickness can be just twist the adjustment screw.

3.Can be automatically added liquid, but also automatically control the amount of liquid.

4. Automatic cooling When the machine temperature is too high .


5. Operation more simple and clear and quick, transparent cover, visual operation

6.Change the previous wiper motor to speed motor, can adjust the speed

7. The internal design of the IR light source sealed isolation, which heat evenly

8. Multi-angle air supply system, so that product dry faster, higher capacity

9. The bottom of the stick with an Silica scraper, eliminating the trouble of cleaning products do not stick glue back

The main purpose is currently widely used in laser printing, coated paper, adhesive paper and other leaching coating, pouring after the finished product waterproof, moisture, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and non-destructive picture, with matte Hanrui liquid leaching surface Reflective, noble and elegant, stable and beautiful. Now has been widely used in photo printing, printing, photo, inkjet, Haibu, books cover, New Year paintings, calendars, cards, product samples, packaging carton coating.