500 Desktop uv spray coating machine

GS-D500 UV coating machine is with screw-type regulator and automatic cycle charge system, designed for small batch of digital printing film design.  max. coating speed is 12m / min .



Max. laminating width (mm)


Max. laminating speed (m2/hr)


Max. laminating thickness(mm)


Max. coating thickness (mm)


Drying way

Ultraviolet - curable

Power rating(KW)


Machine noise(db)



standard wooden case

Packing dimensions(mm)


Weight (kg)


Power supply


Exquisite Design

Small cover, you can save the user's freight costs, machine space is only 0.45 cubic meters.
Simple operation, a change in the past cumbersome operation, the machine features cumbersome.
Automatic intelligent circulatory system, to reduce the consumption of oil and frequent add the trouble of coating . 

High quality interior design

Selection of Taiwan's Toho speed motor, electrical appliances or a well-known brands such as electrical components.

Conveyor belt using high-quality rubber wheel drive, not deviation does not deformation, Promise speed.
Scraping ink for high flexibility alloy steel scraping blade, customers use the machine more convenient, without cleaning the bottom of the stick every day will not let the bottom of the photo stained with oil. 

Improve production speed, long machine life.
The machine uses the worm and worm design to ensure that the same into the rubber roller into the same, so that even the thickness of lamination, according to the need to adjust the desired effect.
Selection of high quality and efficient lamp, lamp room forced heat, to extend the lamp life, to protect the goods will not heat deformation.
Box surface spray or paint treatment, elegant appearance, corrosion resistance

Low production cost

Precision roller design, coating uniform effect,  coating cost between USD 0.05-0.07  / square .

Coating Characteristics

Coating curing time is short, high production efficiency.
Coating speed per hour can be lamination of 200-400 square feet, the use of automatic rehydration system, liquid recycling without loss of waste, liquid replacement fast and convenient.
Coating dustproof waterproof, wear-free scratches, particles and three-dimensional sense of strong, good toughness.
UV light isolation curing, drying speed, safety.
Coating surface of the coating to achieve high hardness, high gloss abrasion effect, finished waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, anti-UV, and non-destructive pictures can be repeated Lin Mo.
Coating  with light and matte of the points, with the effect of light pouring out of the surface film luminescence, bright color, clear lines, with matte Lin Mo leaching effect of the surface is not reflective, elegant, stable and beautiful.