The winter care precautions for CNC router


The winter care precautions for CNC router

1) clean up

After the survey found that 80% of customers in the use of equipment among the clean-up equipment is not very clean, but the equipment to clean the table simple, clean up the other components did not do anything, it is absolutely not available.

We must do the following:

1. Operation panel furniture After opening machine processing timely clean up the table.

2. Clean the guide rails around the slag material.

3. Regularly clean the screw to prevent sticking foreign objects on the screw, the screw determines the accuracy of the machine must be regularly cleaned.

Many times, dust on the circuit board within the cabinet can cause serious damage, we must regularly clean up.

2)the oil

Some customers do not pay attention to oil work, which damage to the equipment is also very large, the advantages of winter is coming soon.

1. The guide rail and lead screw must be cleaned before oiling. As the winter temperature is lower, it is best to add antifreeze oil.

2. The fueling cycle is twice a month, depending on the usage.

3. The machine for a long time without, especially in winter, be sure to take the time to go empty, to ensure that the transmission system flexibility.

4. After refueling equipment to move back and forth again and again to ensure that oil can spread evenly.

3)the temperature

In fact, the impact of temperature on the plate furniture feeder is not great, but because many customers add grease to the screw, the winter did not clean up, leading to each boot up, and some plant indoor temperature low, refueling can be frozen On the machine does not run.

1. To ensure that the temperature inside the plant, it is best to reach the standard room temperature, so that not only beneficial to the processing of the machine, the workers will not be very cold.

2. Check plus standard oil temperature, at least to reach the minimum temperature.

3. The machine does not need to pour the water inside the tank, otherwise the temperature is too low may freeze cracked water tank and water pipes.

4) cooling water

Most customers do not pay much attention to the cooling replacement. If the water is too hot in summer, the cooling effect will be greatly reduced, and there will be serious damage to the spindle motor. Especially in winter, the outside temperature is low, the spindle motor overheating we are also very difficult to find.

1. Cooling water as a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor, if the cooling water is too dirty or overheating will cause serious damage to the motor, so we want to ensure the cooling water cleaning and temperature.

2. Note that the water level, do not spend spent with cooling water do not know it, remember not to dehydration of the spindle motor!

3. Pay attention to water temperature, change water frequently in summer to prevent overheating of water temperature. Winter to prevent freezing of water into ice lumps, otherwise it will damage the water tank and water pipes.

4. Conditions can choose antifreeze coolant.