The reason of CNC router bits broken


The reason of CNC router bits broken

1, processing procedures (G code)

Processing procedures are engraving instructions, which contains the position command and speed command, is the basis for machine movement, so the processing program is correct and reasonable directly affect the tool will cut the knife.

2, tool

Engraving machine tool clamping state is also a factor in the knife, such as tool clamping is not the whole, radial runout, or the depth of the tool is too long, may cause a knife.

3, the machine itself

Engraving machine is the implementation of carving processing, but also the carving power of the provider, processing machine engraving machine is selected correctly, the current state of the engraving machine is normal will become a turning factor.

4, workpiece clamping

If the workpiece is not fixed or the folder is not strong will cause a broken knife.

5, cutting fluid

In the processing of hard metal when the performance was obvious.

6, material

Engraving material is processed object, the material itself if the hardness is not uniform, there are impurities will cause broken knife.

7, the surrounding environment

Such as the surrounding vibration source will affect the processing state lead to broken knife, voltage instability or beyond the scope of the engraving machine machine working conditions will lead to abnormal machine knife.