Solutions for Plasma Cutting Machine without arc


Solutions for Plasma Cutting Machine without arc

1.air pressure is too high If the input air pressure is far more than 0.45MPa, after the formation of plasma arc, the excess air will blow the concentrated column, so that the arc column energy dispersion, weaken the plasma arc cutting strength. Causes air pressure is too high for the reasons: improper input air conditioning, air filter pressure regulator is too high or air filter valve failure. Solution: Check the air compressor pressure is adjusted properly, air compressor and air filter pressure regulator valve is out of tune. After the boot, such as rotating air filter regulator adjustment switch, gauge pressure without change, indicating that the air filter valve failure, need to be replaced. 

 2. Air pressure is too low When the plasma cutting machine is working, if the working pressure is much lower than the pressure required by the manual, it means that the jetting speed of the plasma arc is weakened and the input air flow rate is less than the specified value. At this time, a high energy, Resulting in poor quality of incision, cut through, the phenomenon of incision tumor. The reasons for lack of air pressure are: air compressor input air shortage, cutting machine air regulator valve pressure is too low, there are oil in the solenoid valve, air is not smooth and so on. Solution: Before using the air compressor to observe the output pressure display, if not meet the requirements, adjust the pressure or repair air compressor. If the input pressure has reached the requirements, should check the air filter pressure regulator is correct, gauge pressure can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise the air filter pressure valve should be routine maintenance, to ensure that the input air dry, no oil. If the input air quality is poor, will cause the solenoid valve to produce oil, spool open difficult, the valve port can not be fully open. In addition, the torch nozzle pressure is too low, need to replace the solenoid valve; airway cross-section will also cause the air pressure is too low, according to the instructions required to replace the trachea. 

 3.Earth cable have bad connection to the metal sheet goint to cut Earth cable connection is an indispensable preparation for cutting. Didn’t use a dedicated grounding tool, the workpiece surface with long-term use of aging and serious ground, etc., will make the ground contact with the workpiece bad. Solution: should use a special grounding tool, and check whether there is an insulator affect the ground contact with the workpiece surface, to avoid the use of aging ground wire. 

 4. Torch nozzles and electrodes burned Due to improper installation of the nozzle, such as the thread is not tight, the equipment of the gears to adjust properly, need to use water cooling torch at work, not required to access the flow of cooling water and frequent starting arc, will cause premature nozzle damage. Solution: In accordance with the technical requirements of cutting the workpiece, the correct adjustment of the equipment of the gear, check the torch nozzle is installed prison, need to pass the cooling water nozzle should be in advance to make the cooling water cycle. When cutting, adjust the distance between the torch and the workpiece according to the thickness of the workpiece. 

 5. Spark generator can not automatically break arc Plasma cutting machine work, first of all to ignite the plasma arc, by the high-frequency oscillator to stimulate the electrode and the nozzle between the inner wall of the gas, resulting in high-frequency discharge, the local ionization of the gas to form a small arc, the small arc by compressed air The role of the spray from the nozzle to ignite the arc, which is the main task of the spark generator. Under normal circumstances, the spark generator working time is only 0.5 ~ 1s, can not automatically break the arc is generally the reasons for the control circuit board components disorders, spark generator discharge electrode gap is not appropriate. Solution: should always check the spark generator discharge electrode, so that the surface to maintain a smooth, timely adjustment of the spark generator discharge electrode gap (0.8 ~ 1.2mm), if necessary, replace the control panel.

 6. The input AC voltage is too low The use of plasma cutting machine site with large power facilities, cutting machine main circuit components within the fault, etc., will make the input AC voltage is too low. Solution: Check the plasma cutting machine access to the power grid is sufficient capacity, power cord specifications are in line with the requirements. Plasma cutting machine installation location, should be away from large-scale electrical equipment and often have electrical interference. Use the process, to regularly clean the dust inside the cutting machine and components on the dirt, check whether the aging of the wire and so on. 

Summary: Plasma CNC cutting machine can not afford the arc In addition to the above reasons, the cutting speed is too slow, cutting the torch and the workpiece perpendicular to the degree of the operator and the plasma cutting machine familiarity, the level of operation, etc., affect the plasma arc stability Sex, the user should pay attention in these areas.