Solution for burr in metal laser cutting machine


Solution for burr in metal laser cutting machine 

Normally when laser cutting machine cutting metal will appear burr, but what is the burr? The burr is the surface of the metal pieces of debris and surface of the tiny micro-metal particles. more burr, the quality standard will be lower. based on the metal laser cutting machine work and design principles, Here is solution and reason as followed. 

  1. The laser focus is in the wrong position.

  2. The laser output power is too small.

  3. The cutting line speed is too slow.

  4. The purity of the cutting gas is not enough.

  5. Laser focus offset.

  6. Machine running time is too long to appear instability.

We give the corresponding solutions based on the above reasons.

  1. Need to do focus position test, according to the focus of the offset to adjust.

  2. It is necessary to check whether the laser generator is working properly. If it is normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct.

  3. You need to increase the line speed during operation control.

  4. Need to provide high-quality cutting work gas.

  5. Need to do the focus position test, according to the point of the amount of adjustment.

  6. need to shut down to restart.

If you encounter the above six reasons, the timely use of the corresponding six solutions, you can better run the laser cutting machine.