Solution for CNC router common error


Solution for CNC router common error

1.    During CNC routger working, especially in high speed machine working, have error for shake or pause 


1) Voltage instability for driver.

2) Voltage too low for driver.


2.During machine working, all the movement is normal, but after the end of processing, return to the workpiece at the beginning of the return point and the beginning of the carving process does not coincide with the definition of origin.


1) Driver was broken, change new driver.

2) voltage for driver is too low, need check voltage first, or add tabilizer.


Precautions for CNC router installation

1) pay attention to the humidity of the surrounding environment.

2) Turn on computer, install the required drivers and software.

3) Install the right drive, set the internal parameters correct, running the machine to check whether the direction of operation is correct, the trip is accurate.

4) Connected the power lines, check whether the circuit can work properly.

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